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The Quebe Sisters Prepare For Upcoming Hiatus with “Bye, For Now” Tour


DALLAS, TEXAS (June 13, 2023) – Even the hardest working road warriors, the relentless fiddles-to-the-grindstone performers need a break. That includes neo-traditionalist western swing trio The Quebe Sisters – siblings Grace, Sophia, and Hulda. After 23 years of touring North America, Europe, and Russia, these modern-day beacons of country and western swing are taking a hiatus.

The trio’s current tour, dubbed “Bye, For Now,” wraps up at the end of 2023. After that? Well, as Sophia says, it is, “much-needed R&R and time off the road. For now, we are taking an undetermined hiatus. This isn’t retirement for us, just a nice break.”

It is certainly a well-earned respite. The Dallas-based Quebe Sisters have steadfastly, completely free of frivolous fanfare, elevated the country and western swing genres for more than two decades. The talented sisters merge three-part harmony and triple fiddles to put a youthful, jubilant spin on Bob Wills’ classic sound. In their own unassuming yet musically turbo-powered way, The Quebe Sisters stretched the boundaries of an old-timey style and made it newly relevant for fans of all generations.

Along the way, The Quebe Sisters recorded four acclaimed studio albums – 2003’s Texas Fiddlers, 2007’s Timeless, 2014’s Every Which-A-Way, and 2019’s The Quebe Sisters – that serve as sonic proof that these ladies are fearless interpreters and innovators.

“Bob Wills was all about experimentation – melding just about every style he heard,” says Grace. “He hired the best musicians playing regionally traditional instruments, as well as players interested in experimenting on what were the cutting-edge instruments of the day. This spirit formed what we today call western swing, and it needs to be an ingredient in current iterations of western swing to keep the style fresh and vibrant for the present and future. So, for us it’s authentic to the style to introduce our own originals.”

There is still plenty of time to bask in those Quebe originals onstage. Grace, Sophia, and Hulda have dates in the books through October 2023. More dates will be announced soon. For a detailed list of concert performances, check out their website. Do these ladies wish fans would come out in droves to catch them onstage before they take a little downtime?

Hulda doesn’t hesitate to answer: “Yes! We hope our fans will have a chance to come out and see us as we wrap up our touring through the end of 2023.”

The “Bye, For Now” tour already includes a handful of Texas dates, which is no surprise since the Quebe siblings grew up in Texas surrounded by fiddles, bows, microphones, stages, and western swing tunes. Texas is the very reason Grace, Sophia, and Hulda ended up playing triple fiddle, Grace says. But in true trailblazing fashion, Texas couldn’t contain such immense talent and dedication. The Quebe Sisters took their sound beyond the boundaries of the Lone Star state and into the rest of this country and other countries as well.

That makes their farewell (for now) message more resonant. Collectively, The Quebe Sisters express their sincere gratitude: “We want to thank our family, friends, and our behind-the-scenes team that have supported us for so many years. Most of all, we want to thank you, our extremely loyal, diehard fans for following us and coming to our shows. Y’all are truly one of a kind and we appreciate you so, so much.”

Modern, creative, and talented women that stretch the boundaries of country and western swing music become beacons. But even bright lights need a recharge. For The Quebe Sisters, it’s time to pause the relentless pace of those triple fiddles-to-the-grindstone. But rest assured that we haven’t heard the last of these powerhouse women.

Connect with The Quebe Sisters on social media: Like the trio’s Facebook page, follow their Instagram and Twitter pages, and subscribe to their YouTube channel. Also, check out The Quebe Sisters website for pics, tour info, and merch on Grace, Sophia, and Hulda.

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  • Glenna says:

    Love you music. Love your amazing fiddle harmonies! You will definitely be missed. Saw you ladies in person in Harlingen Texas 4 or 5 years ago. Loved the show

  • Keith Hunter says:

    Milwaukee or St. Louis are the two closest venues for us.

  • Roy Steves says:

    I first saw you on Tex Country Reporter and rediscovered you about ten years ago on Red Tube, only saw one live show in New Braunfels.It’s been great fun to watch you and your music grow. Maybe this break will bring us some little Quibes. Best Of Luck hope to see you in the future .Love you, from a almost 90 year old admirer

  • John Bickler says:

    I want only the BEST IN LIFE for the Quebe Sisters; they are the ones to determine this.
    I hope I get the chance to see the sisters on this tour, but if not, I have at least a dozen beautiful live performance memories to re – live.

  • Marvin Morrison says:

    I’m very glad I got to hear you at the Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga several years ago! Love your music. Best wishes to yall!

  • Ray Hudson says:

    I heard you on the Marty Stuart show and fell in love with y’all. I hope it works out I can see you in concert before you “retire”. However, all of you appear to young to be taking a long break. I wish everyone of you the best of everything.

  • Ray Hudson says:

    I heard you on the Marty Stuart show and fell in love with y’all. I hope it works out I can see you in concert before you “retire”. I wish everyone of you the best of everything.

  • Mary Hunt says:

    Always love y’all! Best to you forever.

  • Ed Deckert says:

    Dear Ladies,
    I’ve seen you perform a couple of times (okay, lots of times, like around 18 or so) and you are always fantastic! You are the sweetest gals I have ever known, and you always put a huge smile on my face! Please enjoy your time relaxing and unwinding, and I hope to see y’all again when you resume touring. You are THE VERY BEST!!!

    💖 💖 💖

  • J.D. Harvey says:

    I first saw you at The Red Steagall Cowboy Gathering years ago. What a treat to hear your amazing music.
    Please, don’t be gone too long!
    Best wishes.

  • Susan Hanninen says:

    My husband and I just saw you on Marty Stewart tonight. It was from 2009. I had to Google you after hearing you for the first time! My goodness you are not only talented but very beautiful. We’re in Minnesota so we don’t get the opportunity to hear you’re delightful sound. Thank you for blessing us after all these years. Here it is July 16 2023!!

  • Dave Samuelson says:

    Your hiatus will offer a great opportunity to leisurely work on album five!

  • Maia Hoefs says:

    Saw you today (August 24,2023) at the Minnesota State Fair. Wonderful show, thank you! The only thing that would have made it more perfect is if you sang my favorite song: Waltz Across Texas! I mean, you are from Texas!! Another good choice: Mockingbird Hill! Please consider these for future CD’s. Love you, ladies……a class act!

  • Richard Brown says:

    I first saw the Quebe Sisters at the great State Fair of Texas. They were playing on a little stage behind the Creative Arts building. I was sitting at a nearby table eating some Tornado Taters and ran over to hear these incredible ladies! That must have been close to 20 years ago, and we’ve been fans ever since! Thank-you for all the good times and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

  • paul klein says:

    i miss you guys already. me and my dadi live on the wisconsin/Illinois border. have seen your show mostly in southern wisconsin. hulda, grace and sophia you have entertained us many times. we are so thankful for the times we were able to hear that wonderful music . yes i am the guy who who was so sad when the concert was postponed in monroe wisconsin but was so happy when you rescheduled. please pass along my thankfulness to the base player, the guitarist and sound man for without them it would taken away so much. those three guys are amazing!!! you three girls are priceless. i wish i lived closer to texas so i could knock on your door and ask when are you coming back to southern wisconsin, like at least once a week. i will continue to look at your schedule on your website and hope to see dates real soon by me. thank you, thank you and thank you. paul jr and paul sr.

  • John says:

    Saw you at the The Globe in Bertram TX. Please come back. Loved your show.

  • CP McCoy says:

    These are the PRIMO Texas fiddler trio, with band. Nothing compares. A must-see when these ladies visit a venue near you. A beautiful evening for young and old.
    Keep it up Girls! We love you in Boston!

  • John Glabicki says:

    My wife and I had the privilege of your live performance in Warren PA , Narch 2023. You guys are have unreal talent.
    We’re kicked back, listening to your CDs. Sure brightens up a snowy winter day.
    Thank you and God for you guys and your talents.

  • Carolyn S. says:

    Your show last night in Elko at the Cowboy Poetry Gathering was wonderful! You played some old favorites, and we went home humming “It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie”. I still remember your first show in Elko when I was blown away by your talent, style, and synchronicity! Maybe it’s because I’m a fiddler, too, but there’s something so cool about watching all 3 of your bows going in the same direction. I’m glad you’re taking a break and hope you get to do the things you want, spend some time with loved ones, set down in one place for a spell, and come back to entertain us again some time in the future. Elko loves you!

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