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Meet The Quebe Sisters: Q&A with Texas-Style Fiddler & Harmony Vocalist Hulda Quebe

By February 8, 2016 14 Comments
Meet The Quebe Sisters: Q&A with Texas-Style Fiddler/Harmony Vocalist Hulda Quebe

From sweet high harmony vocals to a mean Texas-Style breakdown, here’s a quick interview with none other than Hulda Quebe, the youngest of The Quebe Sisters.

Who are some vocalists that you model your singing after and why?

Like most musicians my taste in music has evolved over the years. Which makes my list of favorites super long haha. I’ll try to name a few that have been in my “musical diet” for a long time.

Merle Haggard just might be my favorite male country singer. He’s been my yardstick for quality singing since I was 14 and that’s yet to change. Ray Price takes the cake in country music for me too. Connie Smith has always been my favorite female country singer.  Ella Fitzgerald blows me away. The Beatles were and still are a huge influence on us three.

One of my favorite things to do when I find an artist I like is to go back and find who influenced them, then look up who they have influenced, and so on. It’s a great exercise to find incredible music.

What are some tips you would give someone wanting to sing harmony vocals?

Listen to good music. I know that sounds obvious but I’m amazed that many times people aren’t steeping their ears in good quality music. Being a vocal harmony singer is a different animal from lead singing. Besides the obvious decisions you have to make about what notes and chordal choices you want, I think the most important thing is to think of the notes together as a ball of sound. Make sure you breathe in the same place, sing at the same volume, are pronouncing words the same… basically if your part pops out of the “ball of sound” you are doing something wrong haha. Lately I’ve been into watching acapella groups to see how they blend and meld.

How do you come up with vocal and fiddle harmonies with your sisters?

We try to pick a key that fits all our ranges so nothing is too low or high. Then we get some basic parts lined out for the skeleton of the song and then start brainstorming on variations and messing with different chord choices.

We sang a lot of “sandwich” harmony growing up (lead in middle, second part on top, third on bottom), so now it’s fun to play around with different stacking.

Side note: Go get the Twenty Feet from Stardom documentary. You’ll love it!

Of all the places you’ve played over the years, do you have a favorite?

I’ve been asked this question a lot and I’ve yet to come up with a good answer haha! I truly don’t have a favorite place that I’ve played. I have favorite moments, like playing the Grand Ole Opry at 13 yrs old and Vince Gill meeting me and then spending the rest of the night introducing me to people as “Nellie Wilson” because I had long braids like Willie Nelson lol.

Traveling is such a rewarding part of what we do and I love seeing the diversity of each place we go. I’m so glad people, cultures and landscapes aren’t the same. That would be boring!

How do you like to spend your time off the road?

I love being home as much as I love touring. Seeing friends, spending time with my husband, resting and catching up on day to day life is wonderful. Eating good Mexican food is always a priority haha. I’m a planner, organizer, and a cleaner at heart so I always have to do those things. I’m also really involved with the business side of that we do… and music. Rehearsals, studying, brain storming, and band practices really take up free time : ).

What music are you listening to these days?

I just scrolled through my recent music on my phone. My recent plays are Radiohead, Patti LaBelle, Whitney Houston, Lisa Fischer (vocalist with the Rolling Stones), Stevie Wonder, John Lennon, Scott Walker, Queen (I’m obsessed with Freddie Mercury), Stevie Ray Vaughan.

My Uncle introduced me to SRV. When we were little we’d go visit and he would stay up with us and watch funny movies and play old SNL skits on VHS tapes and one time he played us Stevie Ray Vaughan’s performance on Austin City Limits. I become a die hard SRV fan after that. I’m currently reading a great book of interviews of SRV and studying his music catalog.

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  • Marty Beeman says:

    I have loved your music ever since the first time I ever heard Ya’ll play. Ya’ll are very talented in both playing the fiddle and singing. I don’t remember where I first heard ya’ll; but you played and sang Going Away Party one of my favorite songs ! I go to hear ya’ll play every chance I get. I have all three of ya’ll CD’s and listen to them regularly. I like all your songs ! We’re Both from the same part of Texas DFW/ Burleson, Texas ! I know you grew up in Denton area ! Music and fiddling is in my family too ! I get my E-mail address from my grandfather, who played on the radio in Amarillo Tx. before TV was invented ! His stage name was “The Texas Kid” ! My fathers father made fiddles in Turkey, Tx. and his best costumer was Bob Wills; They were good friends ! My cousin Billy Beeman was taught to play the fiddle in the Turkey Barber shop between hair cuts, Yes Bob was a barber also. along with my father and uncles James, and Bufford. Their picture still hangs in the Turkey Barber shop today ! Well now I’m just rambling on ! I love to hear ya’ll’s music and will wait for the next chance to go and hear ya’ll again ! God Bless Ya’ll ! Be safe on your travels ! TTK

    • Sheryl says:

      I agree it only takes one song to fall in love with the Quebe Sisters’ music. That’s an amazing family history you have! Because of that and where you live I have to apply one of my pet peeves. You use “y’all” a lot, as do I, so please spell it correctly. Thanks!

      You probably appreciate the fact that the Quebe sisters keep the great country and western swing music alive as much as I. Let’s hope they continue playing a long time!

  • Larry Thompson says:

    Really enjoy y’all music from the first time I saw y’all perform with Ray Benson and ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL@ the first performance of Ride with Bob in Austin Texas. Talked a couple of minutes after the show and was impressed with how sweet and dedicated y’all were. Please keep playing your music and performaning.

  • Tommy Schutz says:

    I’m a regular at the Levitt Pavilion in Arlington Texas and I got to see you there and enjoyed your music extremely. I got to speak with y’all after the show and all three of you are so pretty and have such warm and beautiful personalities. I purchased your CD and I really enjoy listening to it, and if I had never met you I would still enjoy the beauty of your music. However, being able to meet you and see, first hand how special you girls are, it only enhances the special thing I have from experiencing the Quebe Sisters. I believe you are coming to Arlington again this year, and I’ll definitely be there. Also, it looks like you are coming to Richardson in March so maybe I can catch you there. Thank you again so much for sharing yourself with us.
    Tommy Schutz

  • Allen Maxey says:

    I am very late in coming into the Quebe Sisters scene. I heard a concert on PBS you did in the cave. Now you are on my UTube playlist. Thank you for your love and dedication to an almost lost music. Continue to spread the joy. Bless you in your work and fun.

  • John Bowes says:

    Glad you mentioned SRV…as a guitarist, my favorite song is “Riviera Paradise”, it does not receive as much air play nor is it as noteable as his hard-core blues pieces…but it invokes such a great mood and is played with emotional passion….what a loss….thankful, based on interviews I have read, it appears towards the very end that in his personal life he was returning to his “church roots” of faith and belief.
    John B.

  • lCurtis Starnes says:

    After quite a while, I came back into surfing for the Quebe Sisters Band. What a joy it was to find you again. You may not remember me but some 10 or 15 years ago, I went to a fiddling contest in Groesbeck, TX because I always loved hoe downs and country music. It was held in the park there with groups coming together to practice for the contest. I saw and heard three of the contestants paying so stopped and listened. Needless to say, I was captivated by their music. After the contest ( which you won) I made it a point to meet you three musicians. After that meeting, I was hooked.
    Every chance I got, I went to your contests and needless to say, I became convinced you were the greatest of the great Bob Wills type of musicians I loved. I remember the last time I saw/heard you in competition was at Groesbeck park and was privileged to meet your mother that time. After eating lunch at the picnic table with her, I just had to buy you lunch also. That was when I knew you were real, not just entertainers but real nice people.
    Some years later, I heard you would be in Grapeland, TX for a show. My wife Jo and I drove over and before you come on stage, had occasion to visit with the three of you. I asked if you had practice the song “Fraulein” which I had asked you to do. You said it was not in your program but you did dedicate a song to the Starnes family for us.
    We haven’t been able to catch another show for a long time but I am going to try to be in Tomball, TX this June for you show. I just hope I can make it for it would be a great thrill to be in you audience and hopefully say “Hello Hulda, Grace and Sophie again.
    Bless you in your music and life of being “good people to meet”.
    Curtis Starnes

  • Bobby todd says:

    Had never heard of the Quebe Sisters maybe 2006 & they had a very small part in the Play Ride with Bob Wills by Ray Benson they stole the show with there Harmony & have seen them several times over the Yrs They make it looks so easy they remind me of the Andrew Sisters

  • kent says:

    love the music…just wish i would have found it sooner, but i spend many nights on youtube watching and listening to you all….love it

  • Albert Johnson says:

    Been a long time fan of the Quebe Sisters. I am from San Angelo, Texas and fell for these lovely ladies the first time I heard them. I just saw them perform in Buffalo, NY last evening. Seeing these artists perform live and meeting them after the show was the treat of a lifetime. They are amazingly talented and gracious. Hats off to these fellow Texans. You capture the spirit of our Lone Star State, and share it with others in a most magnificent way. I wish you continued success and cannot wait to see you perform again! Happy Trails!

  • brian says:

    Hi to you girls just discovered you and your music via internet due to being housebound because of coronavirus we live in greenvale a suburb of melbuorne victoria australia yes we do have internet down here thank god so thank you for great music with professional presentation we get great delight in watching your videos

  • Chris Carr says:

    Hello Ladies, I want to tell you, when I really enjoy listening to your music. You have very, beautiful singing voices!! Also, you’re all very wonderful fiddle players!! When I first started listening to your music, I was really enjoying it. I know you ladies were inspired by other singers and singing groups. I do have some questions on my mind, if it’s okay with you. Were you ever inspired by my favorite singing group, The Bee Gees? Because, I listen to them a lot!! Do you have any favorite songs by them that you like listening to? If there are any songs that you do like from them, would you ever consider doing any of their cover songs? Also, there’s an old country song that I would love for you ladies to perform live in concert. This is a song that was sang and written by Patsy Montana back in the mid 1930’s. The name of the song is, “I want to be a cowboy’s sweetheart.” I found on YouTube that there are lyrics to this song. If you do ever think about singing this song, would you at least think about performing this song, would you please sing it the exact way and the exact tune that Patsy Montana performed it? That would really mean a lot to me!! Also, I want to tell you, that I live in Brick, NJ. I really hope that when this pandemic comes to an end, I would love to see you three ladies live in concert somewhere closer to where I live. I would also love to meet you!! Because, that would be something for me to remember for the rest of my life!! I also hope to see you ladies do a live concert in New Jersey!!

  • Jim Patty says:

    I didn’t have a clue who y’all were until your mother cleaned my teeth. I worked with Ribbit Wills who was Bobs nephew at GD in The 1960 and 1970es. Bryan Simpson is my wife’s great nephew. I REALLY ENJOY YOUR MUSIC.

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