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Meet The Quebe Sisters: Q&A with Texas-Style Fiddler & Harmony Vocalist Grace Quebe

A quick behind the scenes look at the low harmony of The Quebe Sisters, the always clever and chic, Grace Quebe.

Do you have a favorite Grand Ole Opry moment?

I don’t think I can single out one in particular, so here are a couple:

I’ll never forget the first time, when Ricky Skaggs invited us to play on the Grand Ole Opry. For me, that night was like Disneyland is to a lot of people, and one of my favorite memories was hearing Jack Greene sing “Statue of a Fool”!

By far, the most fateful Opry meeting of my life was a chance backstage hallway introduction to fellow Texans Penny and Katy Clark. Little did I know we would become best friends, and some years from then, tour and even play the Opry together! (Check out to see what they’re up to and where they are playing!)

Other than music, what is something that you wanted to do growing up?

I always wanted to tame guineas. If anyone has attained that level of animal husbandry, please let me know!

What’s a unique skill you have that people might not know about?

Well, I was reading Amazon reviews of popsicle molds today, and I discovered that I have the unique talent of intuitively knowing how to easily get popsicles out of a popsicle mold. According to the reviews I read, this is not common knowledge. If you just run alittle warm water over the mold…

What’s something you’ve learn working with your siblings over the years?

After working together for years and years, I can tell you that one of them takes their coffee with cream, and the other is a coffee snob.

(Coffee Snob: noun; A person who feels angst over being subjected to hotel lobby coffee or a cup of anything akin, particularly first thing in the morning, and especially when there is a local coffee shop within a 10 miles radius of their location.)

How do you like to spend your time off the road?

I seem to be a regular down at the grocery store! Cooking is fun for me, so after I answer the next question, I’m going to go buy the ingredients for a new spicy peanut slaw recipe I found (and maybe some potato chips).

What music are you listening to these days?

Louis Franklin and Omega Burden jam tape

John Francis’ cd of fiddle tunes called Seventeen Tunes

The Beatles album With the Beatles

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  • Ron Cote" says:

    Grace, I think I read somewhere that you are gluten free,-As I am.So the next time youre in Portland,Maine,you must check out The Bam Bam Bakery (Yep,thats its name!)lol Everything there is totally GF Its on Commercial st.down by the waterfront- Enjoy !

  • John Bickler says:

    Thank you Marty Stuart for introducing the Quebe Sisters into my life some years ago. Grace, Hulda & Sophia are beyond fantastic & THEY in turn enriched my existence further with an introduction to the Purple Hulls. ♥

  • Carson Foster says:

    Do hope you gals come to Northern Michigan sometime!

  • George Davis says:

    When is your next album due out & what are some songs you have in mind? I think of Quebes when I hear intro to George’s Fool Hearted Memories.

  • Donna Silverman says:

    I love the Quebe sisters! Rochester, New York will welcome them for several performances at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival (June 23rd – July 1st) We have 9 evenings of jazz and 10,000 people attend daily and the audience totals close to 200,000 music fans from all over the world in our cultural district. Rochester’s Eastman School of Music ranks #1 in the USA.
    Hope to see them in June!

  • Joe Inscore says:

    Truly, one of the most beautiful, intelligent and talented women on the planet. The other two are her sisters.

  • Tommy Schutz says:

    Look forward to seeing y’all again. The last time I saw you was a few years ago at the levitt pavilion in Arlington Texas. You were fantastic,and I wish you all the best

  • Hugo Hackenbush says:

    Taming Guineas. I wish you luck. The people (especially the middle-aged men) of New Guinea are known for their fierce independence and resilience. Are you aware that there are a thousand different tribes with great jungle survival skills? You’d have to learn over 800 different languages just to get started! I don’t even think they’d react to triple fiddle, but I suppose you could try. If you insist on bringing people from that part of the world under heel, might I suggest that you start with Bora Bora. Very placid folk, who love music. You might be interested to know that the musical “South Pacific” was written by a Bora Bora dolphin translator. Best of luck!

  • Bill says:

    Your the best thing that’s happened to Country Music in a loooong time.

  • Bernie Gonyaw says:

    I saw you Ladies at a concert in Stowe Vermont a couple of years ago and you are greatI. Love your Western Swing music. Sure hope you can come back to Vermont someday. Bernie Gonyaw

  • Dr. Don Rhudy says:

    I’m a Texan who had to leave Texas for country living south of Monrovia, Indiana (which is southwest of Indianapolis, about 25 miles as the crow flies). I’ve been self-teaching fiddle for 3-4 years, partly as a result of discovering you three girls (I’m nearly 80, so you’re all girls to me!). I’d love to see you in Indy, but you’d need to research whether or not it would be a good venue for you. I’ve emailed back and forth with Katie Glassman about skype lessons but we haven’t made a deal. Do any of you do that? Incidentally, my son lives in Seguin and I urged him to attend your show there. I hope you had a successful show there.

    My best to each of you.

    Don Rhudy

  • Jon says:

    My semi-educated guess is that Hulda takes cream in her coffee, and Sophia is the coffee snob. (Yay coffee snobs, but snob or not, being a coffee drinker any which way works!)
    Coffee snob my ownself, and usually won’t drink any coffee that I didn’t roast myself.

  • Tessila says:

    To tame a guinea:
    1. Buy a guinea keet (baby guinea) or more.
    2. Raise it/them, handling it/them all the while.
    3. Tada! You have tame guinea(s)!

    My sisters did that a while ago. They just make a terrible sound that wakes the whole neighborhood up though!
    When we’d hang out in the kitchen after dinner every night, they’d fly up onto the kitchen window sill and look in to see what was going on in there. They also were too spoiled, and had to be carried to bed in their coop every night instead of actually going themselves.

  • Doreen says:

    We had guineas in Bandera. Strange critters. A nutria adopted us, and we didn’t know what it was.
    Geese were the worst things to have around. Goat babies were loving; adults not so much.

  • Don says:

    I see you’ll be in Richmond, Indiana in November and I hope to see you then. I wish you would ask your agent to find you a date in Indianapolis, Indiana, which would be nearer to me. I must thank you three, along with Drew and Joey. Your playing inspired me, at age 75, to pick up a fiddle and begin to learn to play. I had played drums professionally while still in High School (1953-1954) for Hurshul Clothier and His Oklahoma Travelers for about two years, and so I’ve always had the Western Swing itch. You got me to scratching it again. Thanks.

  • Rich says:

    Please come to the Pacific Northwest again!

  • David Janke says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing and hopefully meeting you three at Egg Harbor, Wisconsin on August 5th. Lil’ Davy Max

  • Klaus Joter says:

    just found you on Youtube and I although I´m not really nuts about Western Swing I must say that I enjoyed your singing and playing a lot. As a prof. classical musician I know how hard it is to get this togetherness that close harmony requires. So a big compliment for that.
    Besides – I like your arrangements. But sometimes I would recommend doing something unusual. For example a pizzicato-trio without rhythm section etc. It´s always good to have something extraordinary in the repertoire.
    I hope you keep your sister act rolling and I wish you all the best – from Germany,

  • jim creson says:

    Keyboard player for 60 years and very difficult to impress BUT you Ladies are absolutely TOP DRAWER and keeping this music alive! Ashamed that I have just discovered how truly wonderful ya’ll are!
    God Bless Ya’ll!

  • glen kessler says:

    these quebe sisters are really great and I wish they were on tv more

  • Butch Hammer says:

    come to heath tx sometime

  • Rosemary Rizzo says:

    Just caught you ladies on the COWGIRL CHANNEL Really enjoyed your music. True Texas toe tappin music.

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